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6 November 2018 #QandAvery featuring my good friend Naghman Kahn, Founder of

28 September 2018 My contribution to the #LetsGetHonest campaign. The power of positive thinking.

13 September 2018 People asked me questions, I answered them. It's a Q&A with me, Russ Avery. It's #QandAvery!

7 September 2018 A great video testimonial by my client, Dr. Birgit Memminger-Rieve, of EnviroSustain.

6 September 2018 Here's a #MinuteMessage from the beautiful Lake Tegel on the outskirts of Berlin!

31 August 2018 Introducing my epic LinkedIn Video Manifesto. Can you handle its sheer volume?

29 August 2018 "What's with all the trees in your videos? Why are you outside all the time?" Let’s find out!

5 June 2018 My son Cash and I doing a litter pick for Plastic Free Tuesday and World Environment Day 2018.

24 August 2018 Here's what happened within 48 hours of publishing my first LinkedIn video!

22 August 2018 This is where it all began! Saying "thus"... the fly in the ear... and the rest is history.

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