reduce your costs in the long run


Q: What happens if we invest heaps training our team and they leave?

A: What happens if we don't and they stay?

That quote is an oldie but a goldie. Don't make the fatal error of not upskilling your team.

I have delivered internal training to individuals and entire teams, helping to upskill them on various marketing and sales matters, thus saving them money in the short and long term. If your team knows what it's doing, you won't need to keep spending money on external consultants like me. 

Available training includes:


The world's favourite content management system (CMS). Your website probably runs on WordPress (especially if I've built it for you). I'll teach one or more of your team how to use it so you can keep your costs down and turn site updates around more quickly.


Squarespace is an increasingly popular choice of CMS. Same as for WordPress, I'll train you so you can keep your costs down and turn site updates around more quickly. Oh, and did I tell you that I taught Keanu Reeves how to use it?*


I have a love-hate relationship with LinkedIn. But it's mostly love. This is a ridiculously powerful social network that will help you grow your business if you use it correctly. Fact: I built a £35k opportunity pipeline in six weeks using only LinkedIn. I'll show you how.

social media

Do you just want to know how to better use social media in general? Want to know which channels you should be using and which ones to avoid? Want to know whether Facebook really is a dead duck, or if Instagram is just for cats? No problem. Let's chat.

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* I absolutely did not teach Keanu how to use Squarespace. But that would have been a cool story, Hansel.