lay the solid foundations required for (sustainable) growth


Be honest with yourself. Have you been neglecting marketing?

Oh well. Don't beat yourself up too much.

Neglecting and skimping on marketing is one of the three most common shortcuts that startups take, so you're definitely not alone. But let's fix that fast, before your competitors leave you eating their dust.

My range of Ready services is focused on one thing: building some solid foundations on which to grow your business. So, whether you're a startup and just getting going, or you're an established business that's been neglecting marketing, you'll want to start here.

READY services include:

Gap Analysis

Trust me: start here. One of my most popular services, the output of the Marketing & Sales Gap Analysis is an incredibly detailed report that my clients use as a roadmap to success. Where are the quick wins? What are the big opportunities? What marketing activities should you be doing, and in what order? What sort of budget are you going to need? Without conducting the Gap Analysis, you're effectively flying blind. Start off with a rock solid foundation for marketing and sales decision making.


All the acronyms. This is where I help you define your USPs (unique selling proposition) and your VMVs (Vision, Mission, and Values). "But I don't nee...". Oh, yes you do. If you're serious about establishing your business as one that attracts, wins, and retains the right kind of clients - and the right kind of employees - then you're going to need a strong USP and a Vision, Mission, and Values that you believe in, live and breathe. Let's find out what they are and start shouting about them.

Marketing Strategy

It's a little bit funny... this feeling inside. Dammit, Elton, stay out of this. Sorry, what I meant to say was, it's a little bit funny how many small businesses shoot themselves in the foot by neglecting to devise a marketing strategy that aligns to their wider business strategy and goals. Don't be one of them. Or, if you already are, let's remedy that and devise one for you. Great news by the way: this will be a walk in the park if we've already conducted the Marketing & Sales Gap Analysis. Cashback!

Marketing Plan

What's that? You've got a marketing strategy now? Excellent news. That's the 'what', now you need the 'how'. That's where a marketing plan comes into play. The strategy is done, now it's time to get tactical. Your marketing plan will set out exactly how you're going to achieve your goals. What content are you going to create and when? What channels should you use to distribute it? What events should you be attending? We'll come up with a plan for the next 3, 6, 12 months - whatever you need.

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