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marketing and sales  support for responsible businesses and purpose-driven organisations


Hi, I’m Russ. I help organisations that have something important to say.

I once overheard someone at an event calling me "the sustainability marketing guy". If part of what makes your brand is what other people say about you, then I guess that is my brand. And I'm not complaining, because it's spot on.

I am the sustainability marketing guy!

Despite having a wife, a handful of cute kids and a mortgage, in April 2018 I decided to give up the security of full-time employment to pursue what I’m good at and what I believe in.

Sustainability-focused businesses, third-sector, social enterprises, charities... whatever the on-trend nomenclature, I started Russ Avery Consulting Limited to support and grow organisations that make a difference to our beautiful planet.

In the last 10 years, I have built sustainable brands from nothing into major players in their markets. I have devised and executed numerous multi-channel awareness and lead generation campaigns. And I have led sales and marketing teams and helped them to behave as one, facilitating superior revenue growth.

I have built a robust portfolio ensuring brands that deserve to be heard can turn up the volume, and strike a chord far and wide. I thrive on building long-term relationships with people who share a similar outlook.

An organisation, however noble its mission, is nothing without a strong identity, a plan, and advocates to carry its message.

Even for businesses with purpose - no, especially for businesses with purpose - marketing must never be an afterthought.

Here's to your business and the journey ahead.

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P.S. Marketing - good marketing - is supposed to be creative, fun, and engaging. I hope you get a sense of that on my website. But if you prefer something that's a lot more middle-of-the-road, you should definitely leave now.

P.P.S. Telling someone to leave your website is generally a truly awful marketing move. Please don't do it before speaking to me first!


services to help your business thrive

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Lay some solid foundations for sustainable growth. If you've been neglecting or skimping on marketing, start here and thank me later.

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Sorry, but a great product or service is simply not enough. You'll only get so far without a strong brand that builds confidence, trust, and loyalty.

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Excellent. You're ready for growth. Now you need to execute your content plan and run effective awareness and lead generation campaigns. Let's do this.

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Your organisation is unique (if it isn't, you need Ready & Steady services) and will likely require a unique approach. Your bespoke solution awaits.

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I am able to offer a variety of training workshops, from using website content management systems to using social media channels to their full potential.



why choose me?

Need some social proof? Good! That makes you savvy and diligent. It means you want to avoid ending up doing business with a marketing “guru” or “ninja” who doesn’t know their creation from their curation, their inbound from their outbound, their digital from their direct… You get the idea.

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