Let’s Take your business from good to great


Plateaus tend to suck. mountains are awesome. keep climbing.

You've done a lot of the hard work. Now don't fail to capitalise on the amazing opportunity.

If you're on this page, it's highly likely that:

  • you've laid the foundations of your new business, and now you're ready to grow

  • your established business has reached a plateau and you're looking to remedy that

  • you've set new growth targets but have no idea how you're ever going to meet them

  • you're my mum. Hi, Mum. Love you.

I have extensive experience of creating and curating content that specific audiences will devour. I have devised and executed more lead generation campaigns than I care to remember. I have worked closely with and managed sales teams to make sure that it's Marketing & Sales as one, not Marketing over here and Sales over there. And as a data-driven marketer I can help you to measure, reflect, and refine systems and processes to make sure that the BAG (Big Arrow of Growth) is always going up.

GROW services include:

Content creation

There are many quotes about content marketing, but the one you're most likely to have heard is "Content is king." I want you to ignore it. Content isn't king. It's a part of the puzzle. You need great design too. And it can't just be any content. It needs to be ridiculously engaging content that adds value to the reader's life. It needs to educate, entertain, engage, or inspire. Why? Because content helps build relationships and trust. And trust, in addition to your great brand and your great offering, is what will drive revenue growth. Boom.


"We don't have the resources or the manpower to launch that kind of a campaign!" I beg to differ, Mr Nimziki. Thanks to the Internet, we live in an age of social media and email marketing (ask me about GDPR too). These channels cost little to no money and yet, used well, can reach thousands upon thousands of your target prospects. You don't need a whole team of marketers and a budget the size of the ID4 Mothership. You need someone who knows what they're doing (hi there) and someone to execute. Data helps too. Gotta love that data. Welcome to Earth!

sales support

I'm not a salesperson. And yet, I am. What I mean is that although I've never been on the front line of closing big deals, I know what good sales looks like. I've also witnessed the highest crimes of sales technique. I'm talking The Office levels of cringe. And actually, now that I have my own business, I suppose I am a salesperson after all. I've helped my clients to streamline and improve their sales systems and processes, helping convert leads into clients. Do you know which "philosopher" said that? Dolly Parton. And people say she's just...

Reflect & Refine

I have been hired by some of my clients to review their current marketing and sales situation and identify any weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. This is all about having access to as much data as possible and sitting in with the team for a few days to see how things are done and what sort of results are being achieved. Is your CRM being used as effectively as possible? Are your Marketing and Sales teams behaving as one? Are leads being handed over from Marketing to Sales at the right time? Reflect, and refine. For the win. 

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