I haven't got a marketing budget. can you still help me?

I get this a lot, so please listen to me, because I know what I’m talking about! Yes, you have. So yes, I can. Okay, what I mean is: of course you have a marketing budget, you just haven't allocated it as such yet. If you really, truly have no money at all to spend on marketing your business, then trust me - you have much bigger problems than worrying about whether or not I can help you. Even if you've only got a small budget and are skeptical as to what can be achieved, get in touch and maybe I'll surprise you. Still looking for completely free help or advice? Okay, head over to my News page and read my posts, check out my free guides, and follow me on LinkedIn and Instagram, where I regularly share valuable content.

Do you offer reduced rates for charities?

Yes, I do! I offer discounted rates to charities and not-for-profits who are doing their best to help our beautiful planet to become a better place. Get in touch and let's chat about your requirements.

Why DON’t you publish many blog posts yet? You're not practicing what you preach!

Aha! Touché, sir or madam. Great question. Every business is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. Yes, blogging is typically very important. But no, it’s not always as important as publishing more regularly to other channels, such as LinkedIn, for example. Get in touch if you’d like to understand this better.

hang on, is your site copy full of movie quotes?

"You betcha." And the odd music and TV reference, just for good measure. I'm a big music, movie and TV buff, so hats off to you if you've spotted quotes from Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, I'm Alan Partridge, The Office, and a whole host of others. Get in touch with me about the importance of showing personality and a sense of creativity and fun in your marketing. Not only is life too short not to, but your prospective clients (almost always) want you to. You've got to get over the fear factor and the myth that you need to be boring by conforming to the 'best practices' of your sector.

But... i don't like all the pop-culture references.

Firstly, that ain't no question. Secondly, that's totally cool. There are lots of vanilla, middle-of-the-road marketing agencies out there who will be very happy to hear from you. Ciao for now!

do you have any client case studies?

Yes! I just need to get around to actually writing them up. When I do so, they will be live over on my Case Studies page.

Where did you get your beautiful website imagery?

Most of the photos on my website (apart from the shots of me, of course) come from Unsplash, which is my go-to site for beautiful free stock photographs. I use Unsplash nine times out of ten for my personal work and in my client delivery work, too. I've been using it for years and have recommended it to countless people. (Pretty sure they must owe me some kind of shout-out by now.) Enjoy!

I've heard that faq pages like this are a must-have. Is this true?

Yes, there is a lot of truth to this. Done well, an FAQ page can be an essential feature of your website and one of its most visited pages. At the time of writing this, for example, this page is the second most viewed page on my website after the Home page. Get in touch with me to learn more about how you could use an FAQ page on your site to generate leads.

Do you only work with companies that help the planet?

As per the introductory copy on my About page, I set up my company to help responsible businesses and purpose-driven organisations. However, it's not an immediate hard 'no' to other organisations. But I'm not going to work for weapons manufacturers or oil companies, if that's what you mean. That would just be silly, wouldn't it?

Can I outsource my content creation and management to you?

Mais oui, bien sûr! I'm still creating this website, and I haven't got around to adding all the content that will ultimately be on my services pages yet. But outsourcing content creation to me is something I'm already doing for some of my clients. I have various flexible packages, but I can also provide a completely bespoke solution for you. So whether you just want someone to manage your Twitter account, or all your social media channels plus SEO optimised blog posts and other content, please get in touch and let's have a chat.

What's your claim to fame?

I was almost the Milky Bar Kid when I was six. My Mum took me to the auditions and I got through to the final four blonde bespectacled kids. After hours of parading on stage dressed as little cowboys, the judges chose none of us and stuck with the original kid. Thus ended my (mum's) dreams of Hollywood stardom and a life of luxury. Sorry, Mum.

Can i connect with you on linkedIn?

Of course! Shoot me a connection request here.

Is linkedIn really that good? Can it grow my business?

Yes. And yes. In the six weeks prior to going freelance, I engaged on LinkedIn daily and built up a £35k opportunity pipeline, and I felt like I was only just scratching the surface. Let's see what we can achieve for you and your business.

What are you reading at the moment?

I always have multiple books on the go. If I manage to get around to it, I'll add a Reading List page to my site, so that other bookworms can find new great reads.

Who will end up on the iron throne?

Only a few weeks until we find out!

What on earth is #thusruss?

Aha! You’re only asking that if you’ve seen one of my videos. The answer to the origin of the hashtag is explained in this video.