Why I Haven't Blogged (Here) Since May

It’s really simple - I have been putting a LOT of content out there…

…just not here on my website.

“But why, Russ? I’m one of your clients and you told us to blog at least every week! Why aren’t you practicing what your preach? Why aren’t you walking the walk?!”

Yay! Well done for asking. I’m proud of you!

Yes, that’s true. I did tell you that.

But that’s because you are a business with a large audience and mailing list, an SEO strategy to execute, and your website is your central online hub. So what I advised you to do still holds true. (And I hope you’ve been keeping it up!)

For me, however, my business is my personal brand. My website isn’t my central online hub, LinkedIn is. And I don’t have an established website audience or mailing list to email my blog posts to.

I can get MUCH more bang for my buck by publishing posts to LinkedIn instead of my website. On LinkedIn, I can reach up to 3,000 people directly (my approx number of followers at the time of writing), and another 150 million-or-so indirectly via exponential reach from engagement. (Get in touch with me to learn about exponential reach and LinkedIn engagement in general.)

If you’re another one of my clients, this will be ringing some bells for you, as the chances are that I also told you about the benefits of publishing content to LinkedIn instead of, or in addition to, your website.

So that’s all for now, just a short one for anyone who does actually happen to be here on my website and perusing my Insights page!

To learn more about creating a content marketing strategy that will give you your most profitable year yet, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line today. Let’s do this!

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